Sarah Jane Scaife, Company SJ gives international residencies in Irish Theatre, in particular on the works of Samuel Beckett, W. B. Yeats and Marina Carr. 

The Beckett Project in Singapore.

The Beckett Project in Singapore.


The Beckett Project, LaSalle, Singapore, 2016.

The Beckett Project at Lasalle is a prime example of the worth of cultural and artistic collaboration, where Ireland and Singapore are creating a pragmatic dialogue with each other. The acting students in Lasalle are embodying the words and actions of an Irish writer, Samuel Beckett; expressing the universality of his writing through their specific bodies and voices. 

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In 2000 she worked with a group of actors in Tbilisi on four short Beckett plays, In 2002 she worked in the Mongolian National Theatre on Waiting for Godot, with Saraa Sarantuya’s group of actors and in 2006 she traveled to India, Singapore, Malaysia, China and Tokyo to work with both theatre groups and students of theatre and literature on the Shorter Plays of Samuel Beckett. All of these residencies culminated in public performances of the Beckett pieces worked on, including Rough For Theatre I, Act Without Words II, Catastrophe, Come and Go, Nacht Und Traume and What Where.


Since 2006 she has conducted many more such residencies in China, progressing on to the work of J. M. Synge and Marina Carr. The work undertaken with Carr will be celebrated in a production of the translation of By the Bog of Cats… into Mandarin to be presented by the Hunan Theatre Troupe in Changsha, 2014, directed by Sarah Jane Scaife.